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 The Logic School Difference: An alternative to traditional middle school

The middle school experience doesn't have to be a negative one.  It can be both a positive and productive time.  

After fifth grade, our students enter what we call the Logic School for grades six to eight. A name given for a good reason, Logic School students want to know "why" things work.  They are filled with questions and like to challenge.  The classical education model recognizes that middle school students like to question, and teachers approach students within that construct. Our students learn to make clear arguments in formal logic classes and are encouraged to debate and discuss in all their courses.

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Character Development

​In education today, the focus is generally on the content, the "stuff" we expect children to learn.  It can forget, or at least overlook, the human component.  In the Classical Catholic approach to learning, students are taught virtues and morals.  This immersion in character education encourages each student not only to recognize the strengths and attributes of others, but also to discover his or her own individual gifts.  Through daily dialogues with teachers, students become self-actualized and confident individuals.  The young man who knows himself is far less likely to mirror those around him.  The young woman with a strong sense of self-worth will be far less likely to seek approval in the opinions of others.

The logic school curriculum is outstanding. What has impressed me most as a parent is that it teaches the student how to learn and how to think for themselves. Rather than teaching by the simple absorption of facts, it applies logic to all subjects. It supports active learning not passive learning.

The curriculum links history, science, literature, religion, art and music. It creates a coherence of subjects and therefore true understanding. The mind is trained for a lifetime of learning. One of the best investments for our child we’ve ever made. 
-- Tricia Mucci DVM, CVA
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