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 Parent Teacher Fellowship

What is the PTF?

This parent group is comprised of homeroom ambassadors (homeroom parents) who serve the dual role of helping homeroom teachers with class parties and other needs while also meeting with the principal to provide input and feedback on school initiatives. The group has grown out of the traditional PTA or PTG format but has been enlarged to enhance parent input.

What are the guidelines for those who wish to serve on the PTF?

Parents interested in serving must be willing to help coordinate class parties for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day. They must also be available to meet with the principal throughout the year. Members of the fellowship are seen as ambassadors or cheerleaders for the school who want the best for our community. As such, those seeking the position must understand that their input is valuable but that they are also encouraged to support and promote school initiatives.

Who can serve?

Any homeroom parent may express interest in filling an open position, as there is no prerequisite with regard to the number of years your child has been attending the school. Therefore, new parents may also be considered.

Is there a term of office?

A parent may serve as a homeroom ambassador for two consecutive years and then must step down for at least one year.

How can one apply to serve?

Those interested should email Mr. Frye at If only one parent shows an interest in an open position, they will be appointed, provided the individual is eligible under the criteria listed above. If more than one person shows an interest in an open position, each will be asked to provide a short written bio which will be sent to the other homeroom parents who will then vote for their representative. There will only be one representative appointed for each homeroom per year.

2019 - 2020 PTF Representatives

​PK -- Jessica Jackson, Miranda Simons
​4th -- Jody Dlugos and Colleen Evans
​K -- Sara Thompson and Ashley Masters 
​5th -- Ann Amatucci and Allison Duda
​1st -- Dawn Berkebile and Nicole Trainer
​6th -- Amanda Hauer and Jessica Krom
​2nd -- Kim Goodsell
​7th -- Kelli O'Rourke and Kirstin Meyer
​3rd -- Kate Piper and Theresa Skoloda
​8th -- Cindy Dalton

Meeting Minutes