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 Advocates for Catholic Education in Pennsylvania

‚Äčlog in window Catholic education is among one of the many issues in which the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference (PCC) gets involved. We are encouraging all members of our school community to aid us in spreading the word to others regarding the Advocates for Catholic Education Network (ACE-PA) advocacy network. The PCC is seeking volunteers to get involved with ACE-PA.

It's easy to do. Anyone can help. All that's needed is a computer and email address. PCC advocates on issues of religious liberty, life and the dignity of the human person, marriage and family, social justice, health care, and faith and politics during the election cycle. Check any and all of the categories on the sign-up screen to receive updates on each topic.

Visit the sign-up section and enter your name, address and email. Then select Catholic Education (ACE-PA). The information you supply will only be used for PCC purposes. When you provide your home address you afford the PCC the opportunity to determine your legislative district. If you choose to use the PCC website to send a message to your legislators, it will direct you to the appropriate elected official. Legislators are most influenced by communications that come from their own constituents.

The PCC website also posts the latest news in Catholic education. The news can also be found on the ACE-PA Facebook page. The resources provided may also help you enhance advocacy for Catholic education in Harrisburg, as well as encourage your local and school community to act.

The future of Catholic education in Pennsylvania is a group effort. If you have any suggestions on improving ACE-PA or increasing membership, please contact the PCC directly.

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