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 Our Music Program

‚ÄčThe goal of the music program is to instill an appreciation of music in all students. Throughout the year, students will be exposed to a variety of musical styles, instruments, composers, musicians, history and activities.

Students will learn the songs that will be sung for liturgies throughout the school year. Musical songs, activities and units are often coordinated with the liturgical season, the four seasons, major holidays, and other subject areas. Students will also learn American Sign Language (ASL) to accompany many of their songs.

The primary grades will participate in movement and dance during many of their classes, while students in grades four and five will engage in recorder instruction. Students will be required to purchase a recorder and book through the school. An informational letter will be sent home about purchasing these items. Students in grades six and seven will engage in a more in-depth study of instrument families, musical time periods and composers.

Extracurricular music classes include: group instrumental instruction for woodwinds, brass and percussion for students in fourth through seventh grade; group string instruction for students in third through seventh grade; choir chimes for students in fourth through seventh grade; and select chorus for students in fourth through seventh grade.

Extracurricular Music Schedule