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​Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in Christ the Divine Teacher School.  Located in the historic center of Latrobe Pennsylvania, our school has operated continuously since Abraham Lincoln was president, making it one of the longest running elementary schools in America.

Of course, success with longevity relies heavily on an ability to adapt; a constant reassessment of what works or doesn't, coupled with a plan on how best to move forward successfully.

Seven years ago, we began to self-assess and our plan changed. We began a journey toward Classical Education. That journey has laid bare what Dorothy Sayer identified as the "lost tools of learning"; a recognition that quality education focuses not simply on the mastery of various skills or standards but on the development of an individual human being. An education of that type is holistic in practice, and not just in word. Such an education is integrated and focused on providing the guidance to not only learn things but to master the tools of how to learn.

Here at Christ the Divine Teacher School, we are proudly joining the movement of classical schools and choosing not to discard a millennium of educational thought without good reason. Here, our students study their history sequentially to learn from where they have come. Here, they learn to solve problems, to write well, speak well, and think well. Here, they study Latin, the root not only of their own language but of many others. Here, we encourage students to constantly find the truth, beauty, and goodness in the world around them.

Whether you are currently in public school, cyber school, home school, or perhaps even in another Catholic setting, we invite you to learn more about Classical Education and Christ the Divine Teacher School. We invite you to visit this special place. We invite you to consider having your children step into our history and make their mark. We invite you to find out how Classical Education can make a difference in the life of your son or daughter.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

In Christo,

Teresa Tallarico